New site launch!

New site launch!

Welcome all. I created PlugKeyper in 2017 because I was concerned that some day I might forget to replace the drain plug before putting my boat back in the water. I originally had a small prototype made from standard PVC fittings that solved my problem. But after talking about this idea with neighbors, family member and even the local bait ships, it became clear that not only are others concerned about forgetting their plug, many of them HAVE forgotten their plug. So I patented my idea and started manufacturing it. 

My original manufacturing method was using silicone molds and a 2 part resin. While this product was selling, I was not happy with the quality of consistency of the product so I shut down all my sales channels. 

Well, now it is back. All products are 3d printed and the quality and consistency are at a point where I am comfortable selling again. In fact, I have had one on my car keychain with the plug in it for the past 6 months just to test the durability of the product. 

So I hope you like the product and thanks for reading this!


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