PlugKeyper Key Float and Plug Float

PlugKeyper Key Float and Plug Float

So you already have a key float on your boat keychain and don't want to add a PlugKeyper drain plug reminder to keep down on the clutter? 

We combined the functionality and created the PlugKeyper Key Float and Plug Float

The size for the float is slightly bigger than a traditional float. And it is not the foam material of the traditional float, it has to be rigid to be able to receive the plug and trap the key in place.
see the comparisons between the simple key float and the PlugKeyper Key Float.

Key Floats

The PlugKeyper Key Float will not float the drain plug. So we created a larger model that will float the plug

I can't 
guarantee it will float all plugs, but it did float mine. (46 grams)

see it in action with plug and keys attached.

Plug and key float

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